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Federal Court of Justice

The Federal Court of Justice of Germany (German: Bundesgerichtshof, BGH) in Karlsruhe is the highest court in the system of ordinary jurisdiction (ordentliche Gerichtsbarkeit) in Germany. It is the supreme court (court of last resort) in all matters of criminal and private law. A decision handed down by the BGH can only be reversed by the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany in rare cases when the Constitutional Court rules on constitutionality (compatibility with the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany). (Source: Wikipedia)

Decisions in Civil Matters

Reichsgericht (Imperial Court)

Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice)

  • Judgment of 1963, loss of use of a car as damage. With a case note. TGCM series
  • Judgment of 9 May 1995, product liability for exploding carbonated drink bottle. With a case note. TGCM series.
  • Judgment of 24 March 1999, liability of intermediary seller for defective goods (wine wax), mitigation of damage. With a case note. CISG series.
  • Judgment of 9 January 2002, delivery of contaminated milk powder, standard exclusion clause, burden of proof, liability. CISG series.
  • Judgment of 30 June 2004, radiation contaminated paprika powder, burden of proof, reasonableness of testing. CISG series.

Decisions in Criminal Matters

Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Court of Justice)