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66. Professional law for attorneys

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65. Ecclesiastical law

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64. European Communities

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— Court decisions: (Note: the first two of the below mentioned decisions were overruled in 1986 by the so-called “Solange II” – decision of the Federal Constitutional Court of 22 October 1986 (BVefGE 73, 339-388); for a discussion of this see also LANIER, E.R., Solange (Solange II) Judgment of 22, 1986, 73 BVerfGE 339), farewell: the federal German Constitutional Court and the recognition of the Court of Justice of the European Communities as lawful judge, 11 Boston College International and Comparative Law Review 1-29, 1988)

63a. German Reunification

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63. Public international law. Relations with GDR. Berlin

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62. Adjudication of tax matters

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61. Tax and customs law

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60. Environmental law. Wildlife protection. Game law

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59. City and regional planning. Building law. Highways and roads

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58. Police. Public order

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