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Federal Constitutional Court

Bundesverfassungsgericht, or BVerfG is a supreme constitutional court established by the constitution or Basic Law of Germany. Since its inception with the beginning of the Federal Republic of Germany, the court has been located in the city of Karlsruhe – intentionally distanced from the other federal institutions in Berlin (earlier in Bonn) and other cities. (Source: Wikipedia)

  • Judgment of 1957 – refusal of a passport and freedom of movement (the Elfes case) – TGCM series
  • Judgment 15th January 1958 –  freedom of expression and the relationship between basic rights and the private law – TGCM series
  • Judgment 5th June 1973 – concerning a documentary about a convicted prisoner and his right of personality – TGCM series
  • Judgment of 1978 – ss 7(1) and (2) of the Atomic Energy Act and the rights to life and personality (the Kalkar case) – TGCM series
  • Judgment 14th May 1985 – public demonstrations against a nuclear power station and freedom of assembly – TGCM series
  • Judgment of 1992 – prohibition of nocturnall employment of women and equality rights – TGCM series
  • Judgment 9th March 1994 – concerning the constitutionality of the Intoxicating Substances Act (the Cannabis case)
  • Judgment 24th March 1998 – use of one’s name in relation to freedom of opinion and right of personality – TGCM series
  • Judgment 30th June 2009 –  Act Approving the Treaty of Lisbon compatible with the Basic Law; accompanying law unconstitutional to the extent that legislative bodies have not been accorded sufficient rights of participation (Lisbon Decision – “Solange III) [2 BvE 2/08]
  • Judgment 2nd March 2010 – Data Retention (Vorratsdatenspeicherung) [1 BvR 256/08] – with dissenting opinions by Justices Schluckebier and Eichberger
  • Judgment 23rd September 2015 – On the Scope of the Requirement of Parliamentary Approval for Deployments of the Armed Forces in Cases of Imminent Danger [2 BvE 6/11]
  • Judgment 3rd November 2015 – Constitutional Complaint Against Service of Process in Germany of an Action Brought Before U.S. Courts Unsuccessful [2 BvR 2019/09]
  • Judgment 15th December 2015 – Treaty Overrides by National Statutory Law are Permissible Under the Constitution [2 BvL 1/12] – with a dissent by Justice König
  • Judgement 20th April 2016 – Partially Successful Constitutional Complaints Against the Investigative Powers of the Federal Criminal Police Office for Fighting International Terrorism [1 BvR 966/09, 1 BvR 1140/09]
  • Judgement 21st June 2016 – Unsuccessful complaint against the OMT-Programm [2 BvR 2728/13, 2 BvR 2729/13, 2 BvR 2730/13, 2 BvR 2731/13, 2 BvE 13/13]